Generac RS5500

The Generac® RS5500 Rapid-Start Portable Generator provides power for your various devices, including tools and appliances. This portable electric generator has an enlarged fuel tank to provide longer running times so you can keep working until the job is finished. The wheels are large enough to go over small obstacles and are never flat.


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Features & Specs

Claimed output (watts) 5500
Fuel type gasoline
Weight (lbs.) 208
Electric start No
Fuel gauge Yes
Hour meter Yes
Low-oil shutoff has indicator light No
Fuel capacity 7
No. of power outlets 5
Low-oil shutoff Yes


How long will a Generac 5500 run?

10 hours at half load without refueling.

What type of oil does a Generac 5500 Generator use?

  • Above 40°F, use SAE 30.
  • Below 40°F and down to 10°F, use 10W–30.
  • Below 10°F, use synthetic 5W–30.

Change oil after the first 30 hours of operation. It is also recommended to do it every 100 hours of run time.

How long will a generator run on 5 gallons of gas?

A typical 5,000 watt generator under full load will consume about 18 gallons of gasoline in a 24 hour period.


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